Ratcliffe: Schiff Should Be Disqualified from Impeachment Investigation

John Ratcliffe: Schiff should be disqualified from impeachment investigation
John Ratcliffe: Schiff should be disqualified from impeachment investigation

Congressman John Ratcliffe has called for House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff to be disqualified from the Impeachment Investigation.

Ratcliffe told reporters,

Nowhere else in the United States of America can you be both the fact witness and the lead prosecutor for an investigation in ANYTHING much less an investigation to remove the president from office.”

“It’s entirely inappropriate and Chairman Schiff should be disqualified from running an investigation where his committee members or staff are fact witnesses about contact with the whistleblower and the whistleblower process.”

It was revealed this week that Schiff’s congressional staff met with the Whistleblower of the Trump Ukraine call before he ever filed the report. The claimed they simply told him to seek out a lawyer and file the report before relaying the information to Congressman Schiff.

The new revelation completely contradicted Adam Schiff’s previous assertions that he had no before-hand knowledge of the whistleblower.

President Donald Trump took the discovery about Schiff’s relationship with the whistleblower a step further by suggesting Schiff’s staff may have helped him craft the report.

The whistleblower is a current CIA Agent stationed at the White House and did not actually listen in on the call he reported. He received the information from someone on the call, then leaked it to the Investigator General of the Intelligence Community.

It was also revealed on Thursday that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat with enough bias to concern the IGIC that he may be working intentionally to help President Trump’s opponents.

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