Twitter Hit Pro-Trump Comedian with “Hateful Conduct” Warning

Pro-Trump Comedian Terrence K Howard Gets Hit With Hateful Conduct Warning by Twitter
Pro-Trump Comedian Terrence K Howard Gets Hit With Hateful Conduct Warning by Twitter

Terrance K Williams was given the chance of a lifetime last week when President Trump invited him to speak at the Young Black Leadership Summit. However, what the Pro-Trump comedian didn’t see coming was a Twitter attack on his fans.

Just hours before Williams was scheduled to speak alongside the President, Twitter added a “Hateful Conduct” warning to his page with 640,000 fans. The warning makes it harder to get new followers to your account by adding an extra page to go through.

To make it worse, according to Williams, the content they flagged as hateful was his criticism of House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff.

The Pro-Trump Comedian said of the “Hateful Conduct” claim:

“Twitter’s legal team has contacted me to notify me that my account has been flagged for possible hate conduct because I made a video about how Adam Schiff should resign.”

“Leave my account alone. Somebody get (Twitter CEO) Jack Dorsey on the phone. The legal team has contacted me. They are investigating my account. This is outrageous”

Terrence K Williams went on to accuse Twitter of discriminating against him specifically because he is a “black man that supports Donald J Trump.”

Claims of discrimination by social media companies have been echoed by other prominent Pro-Trump African Americans like Candace Owens, CJ Pearson, and Diamond and Silk.

Last week President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, reported that he had received zero new followers on Twitter in the last month despite having massive engagement, implying Twitter had issued a “shadow ban” on followers.

President Trump has addressed issues like the one mentioned by Pro-Trump Comedian Terrence K Williams directly to the owners of Social media companies. It seems like those “issues” have yet to be resolved.

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