Hill Poll: President Donald Trump Winning with Independents

Trump Gets Big Win from New Hill Poll
Trump Gets Big Win from New Hill Poll

President Donald Trump gained a huge election advantage following Democrat impeachment efforts, a new Hill-Harris poll revealed.

The job approval poll showed Trump polling 49-51, a record high from that particular poll, following the Democrat House Impeachment investigation.

According to a report from the Hill, Democrats should find this number extremely concerning since Trump managed to win the last election with just 46% of the Popular vote, proving his base is on the rise.

It only gets worse for the Democrats, too. The poll also gaged strong approval and non-strongly motivated approval of the President. Trump’s strong approval to a strong disapproval score was 26/36. However, when factored against the 49-51 score, that reveals he is polling close to 23% in favor, 15% against with independent voters.

Now, couple these new favorable polling numbers from a relatively left-leaning pollster with the fact that President Trump has helped to create an incredibly strong economy with record low unemployment since taking office. Economic success is often considered to be the single most important factor for presidential reelection.

Now, combine all of these with the historic records that show impeachment, when unsuccessful, tends to benefit the impeached party in massive ways in the upcoming election cycle. When House Republicans unsuccessfully impeached Bill Clinton, Democrats enjoyed a massive win in the following election. These all point to a possible historic sweep by President Donald Trump in 2020.

Unless the Democrats manage to select a strong candidate to challenge the incumbent Republican President, it seems unlikely that he will lose the next race. Their current frontrunner, Elizabeth Warren, is popularly considered unlikely to win in the general election.

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