Jim Jordan Rips Into Adam Schiff Over Gordan Sondland Testimony

Rep. Jim Jordan says the impeachment attempt is unfair, saying "Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald Trump just 13 months before the American people go to the polls. They are doing it because they know they can’t remove President Trump otherwise."

The Trump administration recently blocked the testimony of U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordan Sondland on Tuesday, and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) accused the President of obstructing justice. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) responded on Tuesday saying that Schiff’s attempts to impeach the President are “unfair and partisan.”

Watch Jim Jordan’s video below.

Trump responded on Twitter to Adam Schiff’s remarks that the President was obstructing justice.

Jim Jordan goes right for Adam Schiff below.

“You think about what the Democrats are trying to do, impeach the President of the United States thirteen months prior to an election based on an anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand knowledge who has a bias against the President, and the guy running the process Chairman Schiff didn’t event tell us that he had met with the whistleblower prior to the whistleblower filing the complaint,” said Jordan.

Jordan backed up the Trump administration on keeping former U.S. special representative for Ukraine negotiations Kurt Volker’s testimony private as well.

Matt Gaetz had a viral moment during the hearing saying that Adam Schiff was “captain Kangaroo” of the “kangaroo court.”

“Frankly, this is a pattern with Mr. Schiff. He did the same thing if you remember the first big hearing the Democrats did this congress Michael Cohen. He didn’t tell us that his staff had met with Mr. Cohen four hours prior to Mr. Cohen testifying. He didn’t tell us that last summer he had met with Mr. Simpson out in Colorado around with the guy from Fusion GPS, so this is a pattern,” Jordan explained.

Jordan recently appeared on Fox News to discuss Gordan Sondland and his failure to appear before House lawmakers.

“He didn’t come because the process is so darn unfair,” Jordan told Neil Cavuto on “Your World.”

You can watch the full video below via CBSN.

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