CIA Station Chief Brad Johnson: Impeachment Of Trump Looks Like CIA Operation Led By Brennan

Retired CIA station chief theorizes that John Brennan is responsible for the impeachment push to take down the President. (Youtube)

In an exclusive interview with the RAIR Foundation USA retired CIA Station Chief Brad Johnson has claimed an attempted coup against Donald Trump looks like a CIA operation.

Johnson even suggested that the entire things appears to be a coup against President Donald Trump run by the CIA. Johnson further suggests that former CIA Director John Brennan is behind the spying on the Trump campaign.

Johnson makes the comments about Brennan at the 4-minute mark.

CIA Station Chief Brad Johnson via Youtube

Brad Johnson continued, “This is the last big gasp so they’re pulling out all the stops.  You can see who the desperate people are…  We just saw former CIA Director John Brennan out on national news saying, “Please anybody else out there who can be a whistleblower please step forward.  Nows the time.”

On Monday night, a former State Department whistleblower Peter Van Buren spoke with Tucker Carlson on the current push to impeach President Trump.

Van Buren alleged that the second whistleblower is actually an accomplice with the first whistleblower.

Johnson runs an organization called Americans for Intelligence Reform, created in 2017. “The non-profit organization raises awareness of political corruption and diminished capabilities within the intelligence community.” Their website also reads that they “support CIA families that have lost a family member in the performance of their duties.”

Johnson previously claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election “was all politically motivated from the very beginning.”

“If your goal is, through the manipulation of lies and the manipulation of the justice system, to unseat the president, well what is that?” Johnson asked, rhetorically in a previous interview. “How do you define that as something other than treason? I don’t like coming to that conclusion. I’m saddened and ashamed of our country if that’s what people felt they could get away with, but I just don’t see what else you can conclude.”

“I think people will go to jail and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some people faced with treason charges when it is all said and done,” he continued. “I think that’s very healthy for our country. If they are guilty of this, then I think the death penalty, which would be on the table, would be appropriate. Because I think these people who think they are above the law like this, so recklessly so, need to pay the ultimate price.”

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