Fox News Terminates Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy Fox News
Trey Gowdy has been confirmed to be fired from Fox News after previously joining them in January (Fox News)

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was fired from Fox News as a spokesperson for the network says CNBC on Wednesday.

Fox recently brought on Gowdy on as a contributor in January of 2019.

This comes after former Congressman Gowdy was tapped to join Trump’s legal team as outside counsel to counter the House’s impeachment inquiry into the President over the Ukraine-Trump phone call, according to Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow.

Watch one of the best Gowdy moments below.

A source “familiar with the situation” told CNBC that Gowdy representing the president is a conflict of interest with his former contributor role at Fox News.

The spokesperson said Gowdy “has been terminated and is no longer a contributor” to Fox, where the South Carolina Republican had appeared just days before to discuss the ongoing impeachment inquiry in the House.

“I am pleased to announce that former Congressman Trey Gowdy is joining our team as Counsel to the President,” Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow told NBC News. “I have known Trey for years and worked with him when he served in Congress. His legal skills and his advocacy will serve the president well. Trey’s command of the law is well known and his service on Capitol Hill will be a great asset as a member of our team.”

Trump is suiting up for a legal fight with the House as the impeachment inquiry heats up. His administration recently sent a letter House Democrats refusing to cooperate with the Impeachment probe.

Gowdy was chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the head of the House Benghazi Committee in charge of investigating the terrorists attack in Libya that left four Americans dead including ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Gowdy chose to not run for re-election in 2018. Instead he returned to law joining firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough.

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