Meet Black Activist Lucretia Hughes, A Rockstar For Trump

Lucretia Hughes Sat Down With Pen Media
Meet Lucretia Hughes a political activist fighting to make America great again. (Youtube)

This is a Pen Media exclusive interview with the next up and coming rock star of the conservative movement, Lucretia Hughes.

We sat down with her after one of her videos went viral on Facebook showing her giving a rousing speech to a conservative group in Virginia. When talking about Republicans dealing with Democrats, Hughes said, “We should stop blowing kisses at the devil.” Watch below.

Watch Pen’s exclusive interview with Lucretia Hughes to find out why she joined the Pro-Trump movement sweeping the nation.

Lucretia said that she became a Trump supporter after first being an Obama supporter. She said that the Obama-era was “when she started paying attention” to politics and followed “what he was doing and what Nancy Pelosi was doing, both the Republicans and the Democrats.”

Lucretia said that the Democrat party’s stance on God is what made her finally become a Republican as well her involvement in the tea party movement.

“I’m a woman that had four children before she was twenty and now I have seven grand-babies so that is what is what I’m fighting for.”

During the interview we discussed Lucretia’s plans for 2020 and beyond. Hughes told us that she will continue to give speeches and teaching people how to learn for themselves.

Hughes is an entrepreneur and an ardent Trump supporter. You can follow her at her Facebook or on Twitter. She is currently sells her self-designed merchandise at her website here.

Hughes is the also the owner of a production company in Loganville, GA named Fallback Productions.

The website reads: “Fallback Productions is a production company based in Loganville, GA, dedicated to helping bring unity back to the United States. We believe that we are all individuals, have free will, and that all people should have respect for one another. Faith, nation, and family are the pillars upon which we run our business, putting our more than 20 years of experience in production and the entertainment industry to work highlighting these essential aspects of life. Whether you’re looking for a conservative speaker to host your next event, a positive radio show to listen to, or assistance producing your own content, Fallback Productions is here to meet your needs all across the United States.”

Lucretia says she is currently working on a documentary where she went to four different states to talk to regular citizens. She asked them “what made America great to you” them and she heard four main responses back: “God, Family, Country, and President Trump.”

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