Tom Cotton Demands Answers From ICIG’s Michael Atkinson

Tom Cotton On CNN
Tom Cotton ripped into IC Inspector General Michael Atkinson over his coverage of the President

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) sent a letter to Inspector General of the Intelligence Community after his “evasive, insolent, and obstructive” testimony before the Senate select Committee on September 26th on the whistleblower.

Watch Tom Cotton rip into Democrats in one of his best moments.

According to Cotton, Atkinson held back information on who the CIA whistleblower’s bias after he testified before U.S. Senators last month.

Tom Cotton Tweeted his letter titled, “Cotton Demands Answers From Intelligence Community IG”

The letter reads as follows:

“Your disappointing testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on September 26 was evasive to the point of being insolent and obstructive. Despite repeated questions, you refused to explain what you meant in your written report by “indicia of an arguable political bias on the part of the Complainant in favor of a rival political candidate.” This information is, of course, unclassified and we were meeting in a closed setting. Yet you moralized about how you were duty bound not to share even a hint of this political bias with us.”

Cotton brought up recent media reports that Atkinson told the House Intelligence Committee that the complainant was a registered Democrat and may have had a professional relationship with a Democratic presidential campaign. Cotton says he is dissatisfied to Atkinson’s refusal to answer questions.

Cotton asked if the following list indicated a political bias of the Whistleblower:

  1. “Does the complainant have (or did he once have) a professional relationship with a Democratic presidential candidate or campaign?”
  2. “If so, which candidate or campaign and what is the nature of that relationship?”
  3. “What other “indicia of arguable political bias” of the complainant did you find?”
  4. “Did you or anyone subject to your control or influence share with CNN that the “arguable political bias” was merely that the complainant is a registered Democrat?”
  5. “Why did you refuse to answer my questions at the September 26 hearing?”

Cotton follows the letter asking that Atkinson reply in writing no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 11.

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